illogical land


























Illogical Land is an immersive and interactive art installation focused around the theme of human pollution. The installation was created with scrap materials that were originally destined for landfill and were upcycled to recreate a dystopian forest.


Set in the future where human waste has caused plants and crops to die out completely, a formula is created by the government in order to enrich the soil again. The formula then results in enormous mutated plants beginning to grow, poisonous to the touch and carnivorous too. The installation focuses around a world where humans are no longer in power and the natural environment begins to take matters into its own hands.

The installation resembles a dense dystopian forest through the use of distorted natural forms. The aesthetics of the installation aim to bring to light the importance and power of the natural environment and how we should appreciate the beauty of nature and work together to ensure its well being.  The piece is very large in scale so that spectators are able to walk around and explore this alternate world.

Mutated plant blob drawings for ‘Illogic